Use a Water-Efficient high pressure shower head

Efficient Showerheads Save Water, Energy and Dollars

Water Efficient high pressure shower head

Niagara offers a large line of energy and water-efficient high pressure shower heads, all with a warranty, that not only save the maximum resources, but also offer an exceptional performance. Niagara’s Bi-Max, available in 1.0/1.5 Gallons Per Minute, offer a unique, two flow rate high pressure shower head that allows you to choose the water flow to make sure you're saving water. The even, needle-like spray has a large spray diameter and is available in to colors, both white and chrome finish.

Although there are places where you can get a high flow shower head, we however recommend a water-efficient Sava head, available in 1.5 and 1.75 GPM is both luxurious in appearance and in performance. With an oversized 4 and a half inch diameter spray showerhead for a wide coverage, the patented pressure compensator ensures a consistent high flow of water, regardless of your water pressure. Also available in two colors, every model includes a 360 swivel-type head.  A high pressure shower head with an adjustable-type flow could also be an option you should consider.

Niagara’s Earth Massage high pressure showerheads use patented pressure-compensating tech that generates force while saving water at the same time. The number one showerhead among conservation professionals, the Earth comes in wall-mount, handheld and Soak  & Soak designs, with water-saving flow rates as low as, but not necessarily 1 and 1 quarter gallons per minute (GPM).

These high pressure shower heads work by restricting the volume of water that they allow to flow through each one of them. Some of these heads can reduce the volume of water used by half, but still provide an enjoyable showering experience indeed!

It is important to point out that if you have an electric shower or a well water shower with very low pressure, a water-saving shower head will probably not be suitable for your home.

There are two main types of ‘low flow’ type, so called water-saving shower heads.

Junky low-flow shower heads come in two types: the kind that are essentially a regular head with a restrictor somewhere in them, and the kind that spray out a wonderful mist. The former just don't punch enough pressure behind the stream; you may as well be showering under a bucket with a few pin holes pricked in the bottom--these ones take too long to rinse you off, so your tenants may decide to take longer showers out of necessity. The latter spray out tiny droplets at a high-velocity, and can feel like tiny needles as the spray hits the skin. Many people do not like how these feel one bit. They also cause a lot more moisture to circulate in the air, fogging up the mirrors a lot faster than normal, which is annoying indeed to live with.

Which leads to the question many people ask: Why Don't Most Low-Flow high pressure Shower Heads Work?

  • Water saving shower heads reduce the amount of water you use during your normal shower.
  • Water saving shower heads are incredibly simple to fit in existing shower units.
  • The sensation of the shower will be the ultimate decider. Everyone is familiar with how a standard shower feels. A massage shower will vary its flow in pre-arranged patterns to concentrate a high pressure flow on your back and shoulder muscles, relieving stress and strain. Rain shower heads not only give the appearance of rain-fall, but the feeling of standing in a revitalizing drizzle as well.  Likewise, as anyone who's had the pleasure of experiencing one will tell you, there are few luxuries more satisfying than a high pressure shower.


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